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Board Meeting Today 22 May

It took all afternoon, and would have probably gone all say given the opportunity.

Their was a great deal of fluff about nothing with certain members who are starting to stand out as repeat offenders in the puffery stakes. No names - no pack-drill at this stage - I will give them a little longer to get over their initial need to make a name for themselves. 

In the end, the only decisions of note were related to the naming of the Zoom Zonee Indoor Stadium.

It is now to be officially known at the Thames Community Recreation Centre - probably the best of a bad bunch, but longer than all the others. I guess it will soon acquire a moniker that more befits its status and use. I simply cann ot imagine its users using the 'official' title for long. I bet 'Rec Centre' will take over without much delay. 

By the way, I have sought additional information regarding the $700,000 over-run that was revealed to Council in last weeks budget. A wee bird has told me that the Mayor has indicated that it is only $450,000  - that may indicate that the negotiations with the builder havce been completed. I have also asked for confirmation as to just how this is to be funded. 

The only other matter considered allocations form the $50000 Economic Development Fund - finally awarded to the Prospectors Association ($20,000), SteamPunk ($15,000, with conditions), and $15,000 to the Thames Art Trust for sculpture installations initially on the Thames/Kopu section of the Rail Trail. The details of the applictions are available at 2,.2 on the attachewd.

Some of these are beginning to appear with monotomous regularity - perhaps they have perfected the art of the applicatrion!




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