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Trump 'Doubles Down on the Environment

If you for one moment thought that Trump was bluffing on his proposal t cut the Environmental Protection Agency budget, think again. He has simply 'double-downed' on the 31% cuts he proposed at the outset, his EPA head - Scott Pruitt is revelling in implementing the threats made earlier to cut oversight of all mining and oil exploration.

Here is the article in todays Washington Post by Dino Grandoni that outlines the details from Trump's budget that is to be presented later today. The only upside is that will it need the full raft of Republican Senate support to get it through, and the Democrats could still filibuster. 

What should be of major concern to us is the likely cutting of funding to the National Science Foundation Antarctic Program that could lead to the virtual 'moth-balling' of McMurdo operation - certainly a major reduction that would have a devastating effect on both Us and NZ research programs in the Antarctic. 

The sabotage of programs designed to reveal changes in the ice conditions, and consequences of climate change are the result of an extraordinary mindset that appears to permeate the upper levels of the current US Administration. There appears to be nothing we can do except watch this fast evolving train-wreck taking place in Washington, and that It appears to make any attempts at mitigating the effects of climate change futile.

Next comes the unveiling of the intention of the US to renege on the Paris Agreement, and depart, thus leaving other major polluting countries no choice but to follow suit.

It is going to be a very long four years.  




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