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Total Failure on Gas Emissions

The Ministry of the Environment released figures today that show a .01% drop in Greenhouse Gas Emissions for the year 2015. The 2016 figures will be released in April 2018.

The relative drop for 2015 is from 56471 to 56372 Units <.01%> (net emissions including LULUCF), but a 5 year increase from 2010 of 18%, so I guess we are heading in the right direction, ewen if the figure is far short of the Government's self-imposed target of a 2% decrease to meet its Paris commitments. .

With almost no visible demonstartion of a will to tackle the major sources (LULUCFs), we can expect this slugged performanextend into the future, particularly if no specific action is taken control land-use intensification. The only upside is that the adverse weather conditions will certainly adversely affect production this year in the Waikato, and elsewhere.

The bland assurances given to the Civic Centre meeting by Scott Simpson two weeks ago will not 'cut the mustard.'

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