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Denis Tegg Nails it Once Again!

Denis Tegg's independent blog has nailed it, and embarrassed our councils yet again

He has drawn attention to recent research by Andrew Swales of NIWA that reveals the the mud (sediment) in the lower Firth is subsiding far faster than previously estimated:

"There is a lot of mud in the Firth of Thames – in some places it is 3 km deep and it is sinking — fast…   New research by Andrew Swales of NIWA has revealed that the mud (sediment) in the Lower Firth of Thames is rapidly subsiding at the rate of close to 10 mm a year.  This rate is within the range of annual sea level rise estimates for the New Zealand coast not expected for another 80 years due to climate warming.  This is a very big deal and must be seriously taken into account by central, local and regional government when assessing the risk of sea flooding to the Hauraki Plains."

Go to his blogsite to get the full picture, but here are his conclusions:

"With the NIWA research confirming the Lower Firth foreshore is sinking at close to 10mm a year and the latest projections indicating sea level rise will be much more rapid, the authorities will have to significantly revise upward their projections for Relative Sea Level Rise and plan for much more drastic and expensive adaption measures, and may even have to consider managed retreat as a future option.  These are not issues which can be pretended away or ignored. 

The Hauraki Plains have some of the most productive farmland in New Zealand, hundreds of homes and livelihoods, billions of dollars of dairy production and infrastructure are potentially at risk.  Such infrastructure includes vital road links from Auckland and Hamilton to the Coromandel Peninsula and the massive investment in drainage works.  This is yet further evidence that local councils including Thames-Coromandel District, as well as Central Government and the Regional Council, have to take urgently make climate-realistic strategic plans  and to engage in extensive public consultation, rather than the ad hoc, limited efforts they are currently taking."

This is no longer a joke - our councils have to start taking this problem seriously, otherwise it will simply be too late. Events in Washington this week will only make it worse.


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