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Farewell 'Scotty' - Lloyd Scott to Depart RNZ "Over-Nighter"

Lloyd is 'moving on' after thirty odd years in the overnight spot on RNZ (Midnight to Dawn) - a position he shared with the ever-garrulous Vicki McKay on a four day cycle, with fill-ins by other Wellington presenters as required. The four-day cycle was introduced by Sharon Crosbie when she headed up the outfit, and after some extraordinary statistics emerged regarding the longevity of people working longer that four night shifts were brought to her attention - I won't say by whom! Subsequent incumbents seem to be lasting longer on the four night regime.  

The two provide a wonderful contrast in styles with Lloyd providing the easy-going, intelligent and highly individualistic style that many of us have grown to appreciate - it is one you can turn off, and pick up at will, and for some reason the music provided by the music department for Lloyd seemed to suit the early hours more that than provided to Vicky - hers for some reason comes across as more raucous, and demanding - a comment that reflects my bias more than thorough analysis.

The interesting thing is that Vicky has been the one 'on' on just about every occasion when there has been a overnight 'emergency' over the last few years, whether it be the 9/11 World Trade Center, the Christchurch September earthquake, and Mt Tongariro eruption in 2012. On each of the most recent occasions, I happened to be listening, and was impressed by her control and measured response, but at the same time considered that she could have 'toned it down' a little. I was in New York and on the WTC the week before the attack there, so have no comment on her response to that one.  

My problem with Vicki relates to her apparent inability to use three words when ten will do. Her garrulous style can be extremely annoying - particularly when she attempts to takeover the morning discussion with a Morning Report presenter who is required to walk in with a summary of the news at 5-45am - Dear Vicki takes-over as if she has missed company during the night, and more often we get her summary of what she has picked up during the night. Last week's performance with a run-down on the Americas Cup preliminary races was typical, hillariously ill-informed, and most annoying. 

I for one will miss Lloyd enormously - he is a wonderful presenter with acting skills that have assisted him to judge his delivery, pronunciation and timing to perfection. I only wish that his style was emulated by others during the day. He was a little behind me as a boarder at Waitaki BHS in the fifties - his brother Clyde was my contemporary - I well remember the night (morning!) that he "came-out" on air - I admired his courage and straight forward, no mucking around 'reveal' - it added to my admiration for him as I sure it did others. He suffered some nauseous 'stick' as a result that he responded to in the most appropraite manner possible. 

Go well Lloyd - you are probably well out from under Mr Thompson's new 'up-to-date' regime that apparently involves a somewhat younger replacement - good luck to him (her?). Enjoy the golf and occasional returns to the foot-lights at Downstage.




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