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Geoffrey Robinson's NZH Article on 1080 

My position on 1080 is well known, and it is pretty far removed from that of Geoffrey who is passionately opposed. But he has asked me to post his article that appeared recemly in the NZ Herald, and I am happy to do so in the interests of achieving the widest possible debate on the subject.

I have to admit that those in the Northern Coromandel have somewhat different issues to deal with, and I do not wish to get into battle over the rights and wrongs of using the product adjacent to their productive units when they have stated categorically that they oppose its use. I only wish to point out a few of the issues that I believe need to be considered.

a)    the congruence of all property harbouring the pests needs to be considered, and DoC have a apparently insoluble problem in dealing with these 'cross-border' drops.

b)    attempts to attract sufficient numbers of trappers to work the most difficult country have quite clearly failed for one reason or another. No-one, certainly few with sufficient resource and determination to seriously take on the task appear willing to sign up, and I am not impressed by claims of hundreds of unemployed 'champing at the bit' for the opportunity, so

c)     it appears to me that DoC has no choice but to judiciously apply its 'pellet drop' policy wherever it can achieve results necessary to meet the 2050 deadline. Buffer zones can surely be established around contiguous properties of those who object. 

d)     I for one want the barren zone abutting Thames 'dropped' as planned in the hope that we can restore some of the eco-system that has been destroyed since the last drop some eight years ago.  There is simply no potable water issue that I am aware of.

And if only hunters hunted responsibly instead of dumping their porcine remains on the side of the road as happens here regularly,  it would help - they, as far as I am aware have no interest in possums - certainly from I have been able to observe on a daily basis. 

It simply reflects the varied views and approach needed - no-one is right or wrong, and it is not a issue that should be decided on the basis of the supposed support for a petition when as with fluoride there are just as many, or more who support the use of 1080 as who oppose it.  Granted those who oppose it certainly appear in the majority in the north of the Peninsula. But as with climate change in the US - numbers can be manipulated by the promulgation of 'junk-science' - even here with the periodic prognostications of Mr Brickell.

I am sure that Geoffrey Robinson is as well aware as I of the dangers of deciding issues in this manner, but on the other hand, I freely acknowledge and understand where he is coming from.




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