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Whitianga Waterways Expansion Must Be 'Stress-Tested' 

Readers will now be aware that on certain issues Denis Tegg and I work in tandem - climate-change and sea-level rise being two of those issues that we agree must be given far greater attention by our councils - their past performance is simply not good enough, and while somnolence may 'keep the peace,' it does nothing for the comfort of residents of all categories - they have a clear responsibility, and must take the situation seriously.

Denis has written an excellent expose  based on information mistakenly released last week by the Ministry or the Environment - 'Guidelines for Sea-Level Rise'.

I will not repeat here what Denis has discovered - the 'stress points' are very significant and every reader is encouraged to take a look at the full article in Tegg Talk.

As Denis states - "Councils can no longer pretend that climate change and sea-level rise is something that future councils must deal with."

Come on Mayor Sandra, and Council - get on with it, an devote whatever resources are necessary to get the job done - your rate-payers are now becoming anxious, and awaiting your leadership.

In the meantime, it is imperative that the Whitianga Waterways expansion plan is subjected to the stress-test' suggested in the MftE Paper - it is not simply a case of 'what is good for the Whitianga economy' - such an approach is short-sighted, and now, more than ever contrary to Government policy.

Pressure from the Waterways quarter is inevitable, and they have their 'friends' on Council.    




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