Complacency Breeds Complacency!
Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at 10:28AM
Bill Barclay

There is so much Government complacency in the air here - think Wagner, Barry and Smith. And dear old 'Twice-Round' Bill does not appear conscious of anything, let alone the hordes of loyal National supporters who are looking elsewhere - anywhere, for alternatives. If he thinks that Teresa May is a 'one-off', he better think again. Polls are rapidly becoming irrelevant.

Today's little revelation about my namesake - Todd Barclay, appears to have wheels, and a long way to run, redolent of the hypocrisy, and quite possibly illegal payments from the easily accessible Prime Minister's Fund - a little boondoggle that many a previous PM has accessed in times 'of need'. 

Barclay is the perfect example of what happens when you give responsibility to a kid who is barely out of his diapers, and who is totally ignorant of norms that are second nature to anyone who has been around politics  for even a modicum of time. But Bill has no such excuse - to have allowed himself to become involved in this shemozzle is inexcusable.

It makes one wonder about the relationships that develops into blind loyalty between members and long term electorate staff. I have always considered It should be automatic that such staff depart along with 'their member,' thus leaving a 'clean slate' for incoming members. It appears that Todd may have fallen into the trap of 'stunted loyalty' I bet that you, like I, have even in business experienced the resentment that accompanies movement into a position where long standing loyalties have been developed.

Best to cut the ties before the damage is done, and I bet Todd Barclay would now agree, but too late. 




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