Scott Summerfield Explains!
Monday, June 26, 2017 at 4:49PM
Bill Barclay

I like the cut of this guy's jib (note Bermuda allusion!)

He gives a straight answer to a straight question - unlike a certain party leader who's disgraceful display over the past week has had most, if not all of us squirming - at least Key could dissemble convincingly.

Here is the question I asked of Scott:

"I have just heard that the Party is only standing one candidate against a sitting member – in Nelson against Nick Smith (may all blessings be granted!)

So you will therefore only be campaigning for Party votes as I understand it.

Can you confirm please?"

And here is the answer I received yesterday:

"Yes, definitely hoping for a good result in Nelson. Nick is pretty unpopular there now so a strong campaign by Matt Lawrey might just take his seat.

It's not as black and white as the reporting would suggest. The Nelson branch received a large bequest which means they have the resources to throw behind a campaign for that seat against Nick Smith in a way the Greens normally aren't positioned to do so. In some other electorates, Coromandel included, we will be running a candidate fronted campaign which is essentially campaigning for both votes but still being clear that party votes are what makes the difference for the Greens. 

So I'll be asking Coromandel voters to vote for me as the candidate and to give their party vote to the Greens, but the message around changing the government is inextricably tied to a party vote for the Greens, and if voters are only willing to give one vote to the Greens, then I'll be encouraging them to make that their Party vote. 

Hope this helps."

Yes it does help Scott  more than you may think. It is sometimes difficult for candidates for the majot partys when endeavouring to follow strictures laid down by head office You  gave a straight answer and I appreciate that, and I think most readers of this post will do likewise.

Keep up the good work - I for one will be watching your campaign very carefully.




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