'Game-On' to 'Game-Over' in 24 Hours
Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at 3:26PM
Bill Barclay

I have nothing to offer in regard to the victory in Bermuda - no insight, no 'inside-knowledge' - nothing.

But I think a comment in this morning's NY Times bears repeating - to paraphrase - "many a rich plunderer has met his fate off Bermuda" - and the sight of Larry Ellison sitting alone in the back of his high-speed 'chase-boat' after today's race said it all. He must be gutted to have been taken down by a bunch of back-woods-men from down-under with minimum resources - how could that happen? Humiliating in the extreme for both him and Coutts - never mind Spitall, though the latter did offer compliments.

Dalton will not be easy to deal with - he has clearly made 'pacts with the Devil,' namely anonymous donors who kept the challenge alive, and we are yet to hear what they may be. Clearly, those who think they have a say in what goes on from now on will have to take a back-seat - Dalton is in charge - no doubt about that despite any pretensions the Royal NZ Yacht Squadron may have.

I look forward to the squeals that will issue after Dalton publishes the 'new rules.' That will be a hoot, and it does look as if we are to return to monos - shame about all that technology - I can't see much of it transferring to the old format.

But what a wondrous victory, and a stirring reminder of just what our people can do. Burling will probably now go after the 'Round the World' title now, before returning to the next Olympics. Is there anything he can't do? Dalton will have to be bought off with a knighthood - and why not?

A great day - could we dare hope for a Hurricane victory tonight? - that would provide a nice 'rounding off.'


Update on Wednesday, June 28, 2017 at 11:54AM by Registered CommenterBill Barclay

Chris Rattue was spot-on this morning in his comments on Dalton.

Why the directors could not continue to keep him away from the cameras until he had had time to 'calm down' and enter the unfamiliar territory of 'gratious winner' is beyond me. The temptation to 'slag-off' Spithill and everyone else associated with the the Cup defence was truly unforgivable. 

He certainly does 'grudge' well, but dear me - someone should just shut him up in his box, and leave others to speak for the organisation.

Like I said above, he is going to be very hard to handle, (or tolerate!) now that he has the wind at his back.




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