Steampunk Exceeds Its Targets!
Thursday, June 29, 2017 at 12:03PM
Bill Barclay

Steampunk more than met its targets in 2016, and has presented an extremely attractive program for 2017 for which Council will continue to provide funding of some $15,000. Steampunk will be the only Thames event receiving funding - four from the Eastern Seaboard will each receive equivalent funding, but they are,  in the main, attractions with substantial history, so let's not be churlish!

Here is the report that went to Council on the 2016 Steampunk:

This event was held in 9-12 12 November 2016 in Thames.

The funding was initially for a one - year period, but at the 17 August 2015 meeting the Economic Development Committee approved a second round of funding in 2016 of $10,000 subject to the 2015 festival meeting sufficient performance criteria such as attract ing tourists, promoting the Coromandel brand and building additional event sector capability.

Organisers state that the Steampunk Festival exceed expectations in terms of artistic participation, audience numbers and media interest. For example the Bella Street Pumphouse Steampunk Ball sold out to a capacity of 200 attendees, the burlesque nightwas increased to two nights, both nights sold out to capacity of 100, and the Steampunk street carnival attracted up to 2,000 people, up approximately 500 from 2015. The Steam Punk Music Hall (a new addition) sold out to a capacity of 75 tickets, Steampunk Tea at the Museum raised in excess of $1,200 for the Thames Museum.

In addition there was significant media coverage of the event in the NZ Herald, Seven Sharp TV programme, and the local newspapers and radio. Survey data showed that theevent attracted people from the wider region including Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga,as well as international tourists.

Steampunk 2016/2017met the conditions of the funding which isreported in the full End Report

And here is the 2017/18 bid which makes interesting reading

I believe that although this bid is thoroughly professional, and indicates that they are well on their way to having another extremely successful Festival, we must take note of the huge input from a very small number of organisers who have already indicated their intention to retire' at the end of this Festival. It is the old story in Thames - we don't have a huge number of millenials prepared to take on these roles, and it will definitely need real 'hands-on' oversight in the years ahead if it is to fulfil its full potential.

I don't know who these people are, but I sure hope that they emerge to help out at this year's Festival and 'learn the ropes.' We have been bloody fortunate to have had the services of Deb MacDonald-Brown and Gin Clay, but they cannot be expected to carry the burden forever. We need another impressario now!



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