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'NZFarmer' Breaks the Protective Barrier

For the first time to my knowledge, the NZFarmer, formerly steadfast defender of farming practices, and dairying in particular, has taken a stand against the further development of the McKenzie Basin - an article dated 2 June by Mathew Brockett and Tracy Withers takes direct aim at the damage being wrought, and the intransigent farmers, many of whom are beneficiaries of the High Country station payouts and handouts following cancellation of their leases.

These newly wealthy recipients of our largesse, including one particularly determined Dunedin accountant who has accumulated vast areas of land, are determined and stubborn defenders of their their actions on the grounds of 'national good,' and have now appealed an Environment Court decision requiring them to seek council permission to install fences and irrigation, and spread soil or fertiliser on their land.

No amount of crocodile tears from Federated Farmers  President William Rolleston - "Farmers are very motivated to deal with the issues," will convince the vast majority of voters leading up to the forthcoming election. As I stated elsewhere in this blog, water is welling up to become the major issue, and Bill English's bland assurances will no longer 'cut the mustard.'

English is on a 'hiding to nothing' on this issue, but seems oblivious, and content to continue to allow his good mate  Nick Smith to set the agenda. He does not appear to be in any way aware of the intense antagonism that Smith engenders nationally, and that is why I believe that regardless of current polls, that National will go down in September.



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