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Larson Ice-Shelf Break-Away Close

I try to avoid contributing what Alastair Brickell likes to characterise as a "panic" reaction to scientifically established climate change indicators, but cannot help but pass on this item that appeared today on the Washington Post 'Power Post' I mentioned earlier. 

We have had reports about the significance of this breakaway in our own media for some time, but nothing that has indicated just how close is the actual separation - the remaining distance is down to 8 miles after the crack travelled 11 miles in one week between 25 and 31 May. 

The map accompanying the article gives a much better idea of just what is involved with this soon to be calved  'super' iceberg. No sea-level rise will accompany the breakaway - it is already floating, but it will open up a vast area to glacier fed sea-level rise as explained in the article that is based on information released by the British Antarctic Survey.

Perhaps the sceptics will revise their assessments when the results of this melt become apparent, along with others of similar magnitude resulting from the break-away of other sea-ice already underway.

The facts are indisputable, the results inevitable, our indifference inescapable, while our Government is  clearly incapable of even restricting the totality of our bovine numbers. Their scientific advice must surely be equally unequivocal, but the rural rump continues to rule the roost. And all the others are equally compromised, except the Greens on this particular issue.

I am haunted by the respective bland responses of English, Smith and Guy et al . Are they plain dumb, ignorant or just 'out of touch.' I believe they will be punished, never mind what the polls are indicating - it will be a different story come October. 

Where is our Macron?




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