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David Fisher Picks Up Tegg Talk in NZH

At last they are beginning to notice out there that we are in trouble, and the Government is leaving us to 'sink or swim,' or row in my case.

David Fisher has picked up on Denis Teggs amazing investigative work that his Fairfax group shoud have been doing long before now - a belated effort if ever their was one that shows just how totally inadequate are the investigative qualities of so-called "responsible journalism" in this country. It has taken a blogger to discover the Government "Guidance" document that they have gone to such great lengths to disguise.

And our Mayor's response to Fisher's enquiry does not impress - sure central Government are as usual running a mile from their responsibilities on this issue, but our Council should have been far further down-line in defining inundation risk from whatever source, as is the case in Northland and Hawkes Bay. It represents a total abrogation of responsibility, and I suspect the new completion date of 30 June 2018 has only been brought about in the past few weeks as a result of Denis's investigative work.

We all owe a debt of gratitude to Denis - starting with our Mayor and Council. They need to recognise that ignoring the problem does not make it go away, and we need to to be preparing to undertake some serious consultation on where we go next. It would be a good idea for starters to simply ignore the fantastical  protestations of "over-reaction" made by Alastair Brickel and his cohort - they are so far removed form reality as to constitute a danger to themselves, and anyone else foolish enough to take them seriously.




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