Interesting Factoid(s)
Wednesday, July 12, 2017 at 3:57PM
Bill Barclay

"The distribution of emissions is concentrated: 25 corporate and state producing entities account for 51% of global industrial GHG emissions. All 100 producers account for 71% of global industrial GHG emissions since 1988."

This extraordinary fact is drawn from a report called The Carbon Majors Database, contained in the document called Driving Sustainable Futures.

About this Report

And the huge iceberg threatening to break from the Larson C Ice Shelf has happened as predicted and reported earlier in this post   - both NASA and the European Space Agency have confirmed the break. The NZH reported it this morning as being six times the size of Auckland City.

But what determines equivalence?

Here is a story from the Huffpost that provides some other measures that may blow you away!



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