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Does This Ring A Bell?

This story in today's Australian on-line New Daily  provides an indication of white/black divide over the ditch that may come as a surprise to some Kiwis - we are pretty lucky in some respects, and the Lucky Country has some issues to deal with that will become more and more uncomforable as time goes on.

The whole thought of the Southern Cross having been hijacked for the purpose described came as shock to me, but then so did the Cronulla riots when they erupted - do you remember the fight between bogans and  Lebanese for control of Cronulla Beach. It had implications for Australia well beyond that stoush - but the thought of what is also 'our Southern Cross' being used in this manner, and its widespread adoption as a substitute swastika is somehow shocking.

As explained in the article, it all started with statement in 2010 by Aboriginal film director - Wayne Thornton, that the Southern Cross could well take on the swastika role. The consequent uproar was out of all proportion as he jokeingly called Cronulla at the time "Australia's next Gallipoli - the only beach we've won".

Now he has produced a film that he admits isn't balanced, but records Australians recoiling from the Southern Cross symbolism. What he says over its relevance will resonate here - "it is not 'ours' and in many respects represents the past, not the future". The film "We Don't Need A Map"  shows on SBS in Oz on 23 July, and will no doubt eventually makes its way here.

I certainly hope that there is no latent effect locally with the return of so many Kiwis that we are currently experiencing. We can do without another spur to the expansion of extremist racist tendencies in this country - enough already.




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