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Here Is An Aquatic Centre Show-Stopper

Here is the show-stopper that will give all those who blithely committed to the new Thames Zoom-Zone project food for thought.

The estimated cost of a new Napier Aquatic Centre is $37m. Yes, that is not a misprint - $37m, and that is just for a 25m pool. Read the Scoop story here.

Now I don't wish to seem churlish, but in view of the apparent uncertainty of the eventual cost of the Zoom-Zone project - the so-called 'negotiations' with the contractor over the final price remain secret and confidential, and nothing will be released until they have been completed - I remain deeply sceptical in the meantime, following on the sequential incompetence demonstrated throughout the entire process.

The final price may well shock rate-payers as they are left to contemplate the wisdom of employing a contractor who was demonstrably in financial difficulty at the outset, and the failure to settle on a final figure before allowing that entity to complete the building. It has our Council 'over a barrel' as you may well imagine. 

Meanwhile, those who are, and who have always considered a new pool a higher priority, are left to contemplate an empty future, and the rugby club girds its loins for an attack on any spoils that may become available, if and when our Council, and any others who may be contemplating a 'regional pool' concept mull the likely costs, and 'back-off' at the rate of knots. 

I am serious when I say categorically that this has been one of the worst examples of how a limited but powerful pressure group obtained influence over the direction of Council with the connivance of both staff and elected members. It is too late to do anything about the situation at this point, but talk about a new pool is just that - talk, and talk is cheap. And secrecy has characterised the progress of the whole shemozzle.




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