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TCDC Re-Organization In Full Swing.

A little bird tweeted yesterday about some major changes under way at TCDC.

This was confirmed today with news that 52 positions were to go, while 46 were to be created, including some in the very top rank. One of those was Steve Baker's position of Chief Financial Officer. He apparently intends to apply for one of the new positions, but it is not clear that such a position will be in the top bracket.

Based on each position being worth an average of $100,000, the changes should bering about savings of least $600k.

It has been clear through body language that Rob William's has been working for some time on a new streamlined structure that would reverse a great deal of what was put in place by his predecessor - I suspect that a considerable number of those changes will be at Area Office level where a totally ridiculous structure, more suited to a council with twice or three times the population was requiring to be serviced.

That whole structure was inspired by Leach, and implemented by Hammond, and I don't think that Williams wanted a bar of it. So out with the old, and in with the new, and centralisation of most of the executive functions the order of the day. Certain councilors who have grown used to the power that this has given them will not like this change, but too bad - it had to happen given the static revenue growth that our Council is facing, and relying on 're-valuations' of infrastructure assets to keep the books 'in the black' is  neither tenable, nor sustainable.  Something had to give.

One thing that was clear was Rob Williams's impatience with the structure and 'reports.' He certainly moved earlier to reduce his own 'reports,' and I suspect that the new structure will streamline this aspect even further.There is not a great deal that Rob can do about Planning pending the implementation of the new District Plan, but changes can be expected there. Communications is likely to be another given its exponential growth since the advent of Leach and Hammond.

Note Rob Williams's reference to publishing a list of just who is responsible for each function. This is a bold and welcome move given the secrecy that prevailed previously. When I was in Council, the person then responsible for governance refused to provide me with a staff list, an organisation structure, or even a phone list. I understand that there are a number of councils that maintain this level of secrecy as a defence against interference by councilors. 

I have sent Laurna White the following OIA request seeking further information. I will publish the result of this inquiry ASAP.

"Good afternoon Laurna

Could I please be provided ASAP a list of the positions dis-established under the re-organisation currently underway, and referred to in today’s Informer.

Could you please also provide me with a list of the new positions to be established.

I note Rob William’s reference in the story to the fact that “it will enable constituents to better understand who is responsible for each function.

In view of that I would ask that I be provided with a full list of appointments to each position in due course.

Many thanks"


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