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Catherine Delehunty Contemplates Her Paliamentary Pension Years!

Do you remember the Canadian – Patrick Moore – founder of Greenpeace, who left the organisation when he realised that the anti-nuclear rhetoric on which it was originally based and been subverted by left-wing forces determined to take the organisation in a new direction aimed at alleviating every ill facing man-kind.

But more important, he then had a Damascus moment that nuclear energy provided the only possible alternative to a carbon future, regardless of the all the renewable alternatives being touted at the time and since, that have turned out have down-sides of one kind or another.  

Patrick portrayed his colleagues at the time in a recent Newsweek interview in the following manner:

None had any science education yet they dealt with issues around chemicals, biology and genetics and took the organization into what I call ‘pop environmentalism,’ misinformation and fear tactics to deal with people on an emotional rather than an intellectual level.”

Wow – you will surely remember that Patrick was nearly crucified at the time, but I was reminded of just how true this was when listening to a Parliamentary Service interview with Catherine Delehunty on RNZ at the weekend when she outlined her extremely modest achievements while in Parliament, along with her activist/socialist background that drove her to seek a list seat in the first place. She certainly came over as sincere, and hard-working, though just how that can be verified with a list member remains a mystery – do endless meetings and protests qualify?

Regardless, she claimed that water was her main concern (as it is mine, and many other non-greens) , but her achievements in that regard appear of zero magnitude. Other than that, fighting for Papuan independence, and for the intellectual handicapped appear to have mainly occupied her time.

One thing that Catherine did not identify was the number of Greens (including her good self!) who seem to rotate through nine year cycles in order apparently, to reach the full Parliamentary Pension entitlement.

Now, she appears intent on “sitting on the deck and thinking,” now that she has the time. But once an activist, always an activist, and she has not ruled out “getting involved again." The generous pension will certainly ease the burdon of finding time the time to think.

It appears that despite their impressive polling vis-à-vis Labour, the greens remain an impotent force and quite unable to make the breakthrough they need to exercise any real influence – their alliance with Labour will prove their undoing because Little will 'throw them under the bus' if that is what Peters demands as the price of his support, along with quite a lot else.

It is why, despite any earlier prediction here of loss of support for the Tories over environmental issues, that they are still likely to occupy the Treasury benches come October.



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