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Crematorium On Again!

If you imagined that the crematorium idea had gone, or was going away - think again!

Adrian Catran is not your average mortician - he is persistent, and when he thinks he is being 'done over' by a bunch of 'petals' he reacts. I am sure that he has done his home-work on this occasion, and consulted with all the necessary authorities to ensure that his application is not turned down just because of some imagined danger, or effect on business as appears to be the basis of Karl Edmunds objection.

Karl has of course stirred this up with others of his ilk from the word go, and Adrian simply has not had the opportunity to put his side of the argument in the face of emotional 'clap-trap' directed at the proposal. Karl is at it again with this kind of rubbish: 

"We think it's unethical and not dignified to be disposing of human bodies that close to where people are living and working, and where the cafe central hub of Thames is," he said.

What makes Thames so different from central Wellington (and elsewhere - Masterton for instance) where  at least one cremator exists in far closer proximity to restaurants?  

Maybe trhat will come to an end with the doco - Gutsful  that will screen at 8.30 on TV2 on 13 July.

I understand that for the first time Adrian is being given the opportunity to explain what the proposal is all about, while Karl and his crew will be given the opportunity to put the other side - should be interesting. 

Like many others in this town who have remained quiet over the course of this ridiculous protest, I am totally with Adrian on this one, and look forward to his American Cremator being 'full steam ahead' in the fullness of time.

Enter cremator into the search engine to get previous posts on the subject. 

Fortunately we have laws to protect people from this kind of gratuitous rubbish, and no amount of 'shock- jock' street protesting will alter that fact.   


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