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You would think that the 3:2 Supreme Court decision released today puts the kibosh on the ambitions on those who have advocated for this dam for so long. In essence, the decisions simply says that there was no equivalence in the land swap proposed by DoC.

And there is no way that the Regional Council will take the alternative route down the compulsory acquisition road '- been there - done that,' and the reaction was furious to say the least. The balance on the newly elected Council has changed in any case under Chair, and dam sceptic, Rex Graham.

But as is so often the case with this Government - 'down is never out - simply change the law!' Maggie Barry's response is nothing short of disgraceful, and indicates a totally cynical approach to the law, and legal process. Surely even she is not so thick-skinned as to be unaware of the huge majority of people in this country who are totally opposed to this development - never mind the response of the courts.

How on earth National (or is just Maggie and her cohort?) imagines that they will gain electoral advantage from adopting this 'pig headed' approach is completely beyond me. The proposal has no virtue economically, or environmentally - it is a 'dog,' and embarrassment. It is the result of political skulduggery both at the local and national level.

One would hope that wiser heads will prevail within National as they begin to understand the widespread revulsion at this turn of events, the the wide support enjoyed by Forest & Bird and Fish & Game with their appeals that have led to today's Supreme Court decision.


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Reader Comments (2)

lets hope Scott reads this and reports back to their caucus

July 7, 2017 | Unregistered Commenterdennis hodgson

National lost the battle in 2010 to amend Schedule 4 so that big mining could get access to Coromandel conservation land. This "land swap" was their next attempt to let the miners have access to the DoC estate. Lost again.

Now they want to amend the law again to overturn the Supreme Court decision. Wise up NZ -- if you want to keep DoC land protected you will have to change the Government.

July 8, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterDenis Tegg

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