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Julie-Anne Genter & the Green Downfall 

Denis Tegg, whose views I greatly respect, and which I often link to on these posts told me recently that I should avoid "personality politics." I disagreed with him on that score - it has always been my belief that real politic  is principally related to personalities - if you can't sell your policy, then you are likely to become simply a footnote in history when it comes to elections.

The other aspect of personality that is of primary interest to voters is that if you are going to spill the beans, then it had better be the whole can - not just half, because it is the the very stuff of good journalism to get to the bottom of the can,. Such was the case with Metiria Turei who discovered to her lifelong embarrassment that even slight deviations from the truth can haunt you forever if you allow hubris to rule your better judgement. And weak leadership will always be exposed when the crunch comes, and you attempt to then defend the indefencible.

What a week for the Greens - the Party that a great number of recent converts were hoping to see as the great moderating force on a Jacinta led Labour coalition, standing true to its roots on environmental issues - particularly water. Then came the devastating conference when Metiria decided to let loose with her version of welfare meanness. All was well and thousands more on the left as reflected by then polls, apparently flocked to the Greens side of the equation who were on balance more committed to the poverty narrative than the environmental - at least that is what can be inferred, again from their  extraordinary lift in polls at the time.

Then the more egregious details emerged following digging by journalists, and more likely the drip-feed of details about family support during Metiria's term of benefit accumulation. The election roll issue simply reinforced the drop in support from 15 to 5% revealed yesterday. But do not underestimate the effect of the failure by the Party last Monday to recognise the basic cause of the problems they were facing, and at least invite Kennedy Graham back into the fold, from which he claims he never resigned, or was pushed. 

That action alone sealed the fate of the Party in the polls because if nothing else, Kennedy Graham was the pin-striped face of moderation and even-tempered common sense in what could otherwise become a rather fractious, and resentful rabble. Probably rather more than its caucus realised, he represented a rationale for yes, let's face it, the RTD's (Remuera tractor drivers) to desert their National roots, and join the 'revolution.' Likewise with considerable numbers of pre-Jacinta disillusioned Labour voters.

The dismay of James Shaw on TV on Monday evening at this turn of events was palpable, but he has no one but himself to blame - first he backed the crippled horse, and then he vacillated support - he looked weak and inexperienced, and 'walked-on' by his feminist majority in caucus. 

Don't underrate the influence of Julie-Ane Genter - a consummate politician who brought Green know-how and experience into the country from Canada or the US. Unfortuantely, she appears to have the abiding disability of impatience, and is possibly a little disrespectful of her peers. I would not be at all surprised if it was Julie-Ane who led the move  against Kenedy Graham's return on Monday - an indirect challenge of Shaw's authority, as he clearly supported the move.

My view on this is backed up by the comment last week in Barry Soper's columm in the NZH :

"The party's now clearly punch drunk with Julie-Anne Genter, the woman who's being tipped as a possible successor to Turei, scowling as I passed her on the way into the office: "Feeling vindicated," she spat.

"No," I replied, which saw her raising her frustrated hand in the air before declaring "it worked."

The greenhorns have to stop blaming everyone else and understand who the author of their misfortune really is.

If they want to turn up with the right glass slipper for Jacindarella next month, they'd do well to reflect on that."

Infuriating I know for those who really hoped for better, and who counted on a free ride through to 23 September. If it hasn't all turned to dust, (less than 5%), it looks like it will be pretty dammed close to it. and Shaw will be lucky to survive.  


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Reader Comments (2)

Bill what about the Napier tattoo club and the fact that one of your blue team ,a current high ranking government politician, was able to buy a house after 2 years on the DPB. Probably broke more rules than MT.

August 18, 2017 | Unregistered Commenteraircolledguy

I am sorry - you have lost me - what on earth is the relevance of that?

August 18, 2017 | Registered CommenterBill Barclay

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