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Squarespace Under Fire 

My New York based website provider Squarespace has come under fire for providing a platform for a number of "white supremecist" websites.Here is some comments from the Washington Post today following the Chalottesville attacks.

"The petition, circulated by Joseph Brown, an assistant professor in the political science department of the University of Massachusetts Boston, criticized Squarespace for continuing to host the websites of Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute and Identity Europa, a white supremacist group, despite repeated complaints.

“Squarespace’s continued hosting of these sites constitutes an in-kind contribution to neo-nazis, white supremacists, and the violence they promote — in Charlottesville and elsewhere,” the petition said. “WE MUST NOT STAND FOR THIS"

This was quickly followed by an announcement from Squarespace:

“In light of recent events, we have made the decision to remove a group of sites from our platform,” Squarespace spokeswoman Lulu Chang wrote in an email. “We have given the site owners 48 hours’ notice. We cannot provide further information at this time.”

I will watching very closely to see that they follow through on this announcement. It is unconscionable that they hosted these sites in the first place but the adherence to the First Amendment (free speech) of the US Constitution is something about which all platforms are extremely wary. That is no excuse nevertheless for not making a stand in regard to Nazi  & KKK sites.

If they don't follow through without delay, I will be removing my platform pronto from this site. It is not in common use here, but was the highest rated site when I set my blog up in 2010, and I have have superb service from its people ever since. 



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