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Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Sequel" - Reviews  

CNN comments as follows"

If "Inconvenient Truth" felt groundbreaking, the sequel comes on the heels of a wave of documentary films exploring aspects of the topic, from Leonardo DiCaprio's "Before the Flood" to the recent Netflix project "Chasing Coral," about disappearing ocean reefs.

As celebrity climate warriors go, Gore was a pioneer, and he's inevitably cast as the hero in this story, working behind the scenes to help pave the way for the Paris accord. But there's no questioning his commitment to the cause -- "a mission," he says, "that I have dedicated myself to."

Viewed in concert with the original, that sense of genuine dedication is one of the more enduring aspects of "An Inconvenient Sequel." And while Gore paints a fairly rosy longterm picture based on the progress he sees, the great unknown is whether he'll feel motivated to do a third film a decade from now, and not incidentally, how high average temperatures and the sea level will be by then.

The Guardian was less impressed: 

Al Gore knows everybody. He can whip out his cell phone and dial the treasury secretary or the head of a giant solar panel manufacturer and say things such as “I’ll check with President Hollande” or “Elon suggested I call.” It’s amazing, then, that nowhere in his contacts is the number of a documentary film-maker that knows a thing or two about keeping audiences awake.

But that sounds trite, and best to go see it yourself.

THe Greens have secured a pre-release date at Thames Cinema on Tuesday 15 August at 5.30pm as a fundraiser

They are chaging advance sales at $15 - from Lotus Realm or Carsons - no door sales!



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there is another Guardian article here with an interesting read with an important back story to the sequel of how the rich have subverted all reason by supporting climate change denial -

August 2, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterDenis Tegg

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