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Glyphosphate (Round-Up) Questioned Once Again

I was interested in the recent spat over Glyphosphate wherein it was claimed that Monsanto was once again attempting to interfere with the dissemination of any research linking its use to carcinomas and othe health issues.

It remains one of if not the biggest selling Monsanto product, so they surely have an interest in dis-crediting academics and other who have undertaken research pointing to its dangers even when used in the recommended dilutions.

The object of the recent attack is the WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), and the particular journalist who has been identified as pushing the pro-Monsanto line is Reuters reporter Kate Kelland. Ms Kelland appears to have a history of de-bunking research in this field - the story is contained in a well written article on the international FAIR website - devoted to "Challenging Media Bias Since 1986."

To be honest, I know stuff-all about the subject, but I was around in the days when Dow Chemicals were busy producing 2-4-T and its related products on its New Plymouth site. They had a PR guy who told more lies about Dow's products than you could shake a stick at. I used it, and suffered consequences, and from that day I have mistrusted the claims of giant chemical  conglomerates, including Monsanto.

Take a read of the story and make up your own mind about the amount of industrial propaganda to which we are subjected, and biased reporting, and huge conflict of interest. Note also in that regard the incredible blunder of Ernst & Young ("EY") in 'pulling' an entry from the business journalist competition they sponsor that dealt to one of their audit client companies - Rank Xerox, over an apparent $200m. skulduggery that is now being investigated by the Serious Fraud Office. 

EY may have blundered, but life will go on in our laissez faire climate, where accountability is zero! It appears that the sponsor gets to run it as things stand, and set the rules. Even so, the competition may die as several other news organisations and competitors have pulled their own stories. Oh well, there goes a another annual nosh-up for the journos!




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