Thames ("Sub-Regional") Pool 
Sunday, August 20, 2017 at 1:28PM
Bill Barclay

For those who have been awaiting with great anticipation any indication that matters were proceeding in regard to the proposed 'sub-regional' pool that it has been proposed to replace the rapidly deteriorating existing pool asset, will be interested in an entry in the Infrastructure Manager's Report to the Infrastructure Committ Meeting dated 9 August:

"Sub-Regional Pool - Feasibility Investigation

Works have progressed well on the feasibility work associated with this project. Due to the importance, the number of stakeholders and the potential expenditure, this project, and especially the early feasibility stage is crucial to make any project a success.

Once sufficiently progressed, an update report will be brought to the committee."

That is a relief, and indicates that the planning stage (it is a 4 - 10 year project!) has at least come on the radar. 

What is disturbing is that this project is identified in the WRC as a project involving TCDC< Hauraki DC and Matamata Piako DC in their Strategy & Policy Committee Agenda dated 8 August Item 7 "draft community facilities funding framework."

The problem is that this policy framework makes no mention of the proposed pool being situated in Thames. On the contrary, the inference is that it may be that there is a move to 'centrally locate' the fecility in Paeroa.

I don't believe that any of our people had that in mind when the replacement of our pool was proposed, and it could well be inimical to the needs of our entire District were such an outcome to occur.

It is vital that our representatives watch this development very closely and intervene before decisions are made that they may live to regret. Our pool needs replacing, urgently, and the logical place for its replacement is Thames. Any other solution should be opposed at all costs. 


Update on Wednesday, August 23, 2017 at 9:45AM by Registered CommenterBill Barclay

A 'very reliable' source has provided the following:

"It has been the plan from some time ago that a Regional "Olympic" Pool made sense for those taking swimming seriously as a training and competition venue. Not unlike the Hockey setup at Ngatea.

I don't think it was going to be done while Leach was around and that they were all waiting for the end of his reign. I smell Mary Hamilton (Chair of the Sports Facility Committee) & Co all over this because the Thames Pool was going to be paid from the TUGPRA in previous long term thinking, and TUGPRA has been drained by the Dry Court.

The "Regional" concept implies WRC may be tapped - it is already on their agenda, and will most likely be incorporated in their LTP as 'regional' facility.  

I protested at the time that the people who used the Thames pool were older and not well able to travel. It may be OK to put the school kids in a bus to go to Paeroa for learn to swim, but the older people living in Thames who use the pool for exercise, and there are a number of them, will be abandoned.

There was a sort of 'we'll do something for them' response, but I predict a Para pool in the Danby Field Carpark"

Apart from the last facetious remark, it all sounds about right to me, and that once again Thames Pool users, and rate-payers  appear likely to be 'screwed over.' 

Everyone should be talking to Board members to make sure that they understand the implications of this gross 'finangling.'

It is quite remarkable just how the TUGPRA millions that belonged to every rate-payer were 'coralled' by this little group of so-called 'business people' for the Dry Court, the final cost of which has yet to be established, and the opening date appears to remain a 'secret.' 

What a demonstration of total incompetence. 




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