Rachel Smalley Worth A Read
Thursday, August 24, 2017 at 9:55AM
Bill Barclay

No matter what you think about the depth of Rachel Smalley's usual pap, she nailed it with her description of the Business NZ Conference on Monday in Wellington - yes that was the one where David Seymour described NZ First MP Richard Prosser as a "fucking idiot."

You really cannot argue with that, and Peters scrambled later in the day to disassociate himself form Prosser's crazy comments about the re-nationalisation of the power companies "at the same price they were sold for" God knows how many years ago.

The guts of Slalley's comments were that of all the leaders present, Seymour and Gareth Morgan made by far the best impression on the gathering, saying that in the context of the his address, Seymour's comment was not as "outrageous as it sounds."

"But like Morgan, he challenged the audience's way of thinking. The failures that have led to the country's housing crisis - and how you fix it. His push to raise the super age. Tax cuts.

ACT will only work with National. Morgan says he doesn't care who's in power. Actually, his language was a bit stronger then that. He's only interested in policy and influencing policy - and that can be with the right or the left.

But what was refreshing about the Business New Zealand conference was that we got to hear, in a little more depth, about policy - not personalities which we seem to have been focussed on for weeks."

No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, it is good to just for a moment consider what is being said in a forum other than ones where you may usually develop your thinking.

I for one would very wary of Morgan's ability to gather in a substantial following - yes, even 5% before 23 October. The man is no fool, and he has already touched on a few 'hot-button' issues that are capable of making many on the centre right consider him as viable alternative to our current moribund administration. 

Forget Seymour - he has nothing new to offer except continuing in his assigned role as National's "Chihauhua" (Peters's description). His obsession with charter schools will keep him in line.

But Morgan is a creature of another stripe.


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