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Erosion Is A Cyclical Process!

Here is an extract from today's PR from the Council on counter-erosion measures being taken on the Eastern Seaboard:

"Erosion is a cyclical process that unfolds over decades, but there are steps we can take to help lessen the effects of this natural process to protect our Council's beachfront reserves and the houses and other developments that have been built behind them."

That will be either 'good news' or 'fake news' for those who have predicted severe innundation over the next 50 years. The first areas to be effected are likely to be on the East Coast, but if it is indeed just a "cyclical process that unfolds over decades", then I guess we can all relax.

Those resposible for the promulgation of news in our local authorities really should educate themselves about the effects of global warming on sea levels. False information as conveyed in this PR should be avoided - there are quite enough 'climate deniers' in this District who would be reassured by this information.    




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