Hosking Is An Anachronism
Friday, August 25, 2017 at 10:11AM
Bill Barclay

Mike Hosking "would never blow his own trumpet." That was his declaration yesterday as part of his response to the Maori Party and NZ First reaction to his totally erroneous statement the night before on 'Seven Sharp.'

He is seldom held to account, and has become a law unto himself mainly because of the stupidity of those who run the program, and who have always appeared to be in awe of the guy. He is of course an uneducated, but tremendously self-aware individual who has been permitted to spout his political views in a privaledged editorial manner that is simply not available to anyone else on our publicly owned television network.

That is in itself is disgraceful, and a reflection on the competance on those who determine what we watch, if we watch. Yesterday, they announced that he would correct his mistake of the previous evening, on air. 

He did no such thing, and defiantly dissembled while he attempted to "put the toothpaste back in the tube" as described by Te Ururoa Flavell. With barely disguised contempt, he denied having stated that his co-presenter "could not vote for the Maori Party, because she was not enrolled on the Maori roll."

He attempted to cloud the issue by stating that every-one should know that he meant "a candidate, not the party because this had been the case for twenty years." Certainly, no apology accompanied this piece of cute side-stepping of the issue, and it certainly did not constitute "clarification."

That is simply not good enough, TV1, or Hosking, but he will get away with it because no-one is game to stand up to him by removing him from chairing the up-coming debates.

Of course, a great deal of what has been said strays into hyperbole, but that does not gainsay the fact that Hosking is biased, wears his heart of his sleeve, and is totally unable to provide the knowledgeable and effective chairmanship that we as electors should expect in these important public debates on which important swing votes are normally determined.

Hosking is a dinosaur, and an anachronism. He should be immediately stood down from the chairmanship role, and for that matter booted off Seven Sharp - almost all his temporary replacements have proven to be more competent, and it is time that we were spared his superior and contemptuous attitude.

And don't even start on his sexist, over-bearing attitude towards co-presenter Toni Street, whose remarkable composure is deserving of a television award for tolerance. Where on earth are the female voices standing up for her, and putting him in his place




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