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Paula Bennett Still 'Smelling Of Roses'

The release  of the mother of all political acandals that has been hovering, but elusive, due to what appear to be the tightest, most effective legal injunctions, was said to be ready to explode on to the front pages this last weekend.

But no such thing happened, and those that claim to know what it is all about, remain remarkably silent, while a minor, and probably ineffective stoush involving Winston erupts into the Monday morning news vacuum.

Winnie again 'played' with his antagonists claiming "reverse Dutch auctions" and similar distractions. His apparent 'oversight' is probably nothing more than what he claims - an alteration to his Application for Pension form that was "probably made by someone in the Work & Income Office" - yeah right, and who can prove otherwise?

Meanwhile, Paula is notable for her absence from the screen, and we are left wondering if there is anything to the rumours of alleged past peccadilloes that may have a devastating electoral effect - probably nothing if the truth is known, but she is quite capable of hiding some aspects of said past that may not sit well with her Party's core constituentcy. We all know that she can be a Westy, a toughie, and a downright character ('Rita'!) all in the same breath.

It would not be surprising if a top law firm were hard at it keeping part of her alleged colourful history under wraps. Watch this space! But in the meantime, go girl!




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