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Indoor Sports Stadium / Arena / Court?

It is finished - hooray!

Hold everything - it is not finished, there is a problem!

Readers can hardly be unaware of my long held scepticism over the decision making, design/build and contracting process's surrounding the construction of this asset. I won't bore you by repeating my objections here.

On Wednesday last, I decided to ask simple questions related to the final price, and when it would be opened because it had occurred to me that there had been a decided silence surrounds these matters for some time.

No one gave me any heads-up as to what was going on, but long experience has enabled me to smell a rat at fifty metres, and something smelt very odd about our beautiful new structure, the opening announcement having disappeared from the Council website. 

The question/s were:

Can you advise please:

!. Has the final cost of the multi sports facility been established?

2. If so, what was the fin al figure?

3. Has the opening day been established?

4. If so, can you please advise the details?

The response came today, and can I say that I was not surprised in the slightest at this this turn of events:

:In regards to Thames Indoor Sports, excess moisture in the ceiling cavity has been detected and we are currently working with the builder and the designer to address this. This will involve further work on the roof. Once this work has been scheduled we will then be able to plan for the new date for the official opening of the gym. We are still calculating the costs for this work, which we will make public once we have finalised the figures."

To which I responded:

"As for the Dry Court – forgive me when I say that I am speechless.

Is the contractor and/or the designer being held responsible in any way for this defect?

And secondly, my question regarding the cost for the building contract remains unanswered – has that been settled, and if so, how much?"

The reply came later:

"At this stage we are in discussions with several parties about the issues at the Gym, which means we aren't  in a position to make any comment around liability at the moment.

This is also the case around costs  - as these are still being determined as well. As I indicated we will make public the figures once they've been finalised"

So there you have it - there is always a simple explanation, and it appears that once again we are about to be 'screwed over' in relation to this project. And I predict a drawn out legal stoush extending long into the future.

If ever there was blatant case of rate-payer masochism, this is it. We just have to grin and bear it as the level of incompetence deepens.

How long can it be before Rob Williams takes action to remove whoever is responsible for this continuing debacle?




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