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Sale Of Land Adjacent to Richmond Villas

Richmond Villas Ltd have objected to the revocation, and sale of reserve land adjacent to the villas on the Highway 25 side pf their retirement village to Ngati Maru. The details ares set out in the attached paper that goes to Council next Tuesday.

It does not seem on the face of it that Richmond have much of a case based on Council Legal Counsel Paul Davies's Report, but I was quite surprised because being part of the Railway land under the administration of Land Information, and as such part of the Hauraki Settlement, it was my understanding that Ngati Maru already had a claim to the land. along with the 'boat yard.' Evidently that is not the case - it comprises separate parcels totaling 390 sq m.

It is difficult to exactly pinpoint the actual land because as has become 'par for the course,' the agenda does not include the schedules - 'to be presented at the meeting,' presumably, just as in the case of the Financial reports.

Richmond's main objection is that the sale would interdere with their access to the flood drain  that services Richmond (and the Council!), but also would like the opportunity to buy it for its own purposes. The Council is I understand it is required to treat with Ngati Maru in regards to the sale of reserves of this nature, and the sale price is established by way of valuation. Ngati Maru will no doubt have ambitious plans for its use.


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Reader Comments (1)

I enquired when council advertised intent to dispose of the said reserve land parcels and council staff could not tell me what was proposed to happen to the land should the proposal go ahead.Now we know.
Where is the open dialog with ratepayers and interested parties in council dealings?
What do Ngati maru have planned.Surely this should be part of the information made available should community reserve land be disposed of?

August 7, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterPeter Carter

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