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Post Debate - The Hangover!

If ever their was a rationale for my having promoted the Green Party vote, it came today with the train crash unfolding with Kelvin Davis in front of the cameras,

A great deal of the universal aclaim achieved by Jacinda last evening was neutralised today on TV1's AM show as Kelvin Davis put on a display of either total ignorance, or deliberate sabotage of his leader. Has he really in such a short time come to believe that he has achieved the allegiance of the Labour 'heartland' to the extent of being able to outflank his putative leader on Capital Gains.

No, of course not - he is just a blithering idiot who deserves to be be put right back in his box by Jacinda - which she appears to have accomplished with aplomb by lunchtime - not bad when you think about it.

But what it demonstrates is the fragility of the alliances with the Greens. If Davis can do that with Capital Gains. imagine what the remainder of the pack who have been locked behind steel doors for at least three weeks could do if they were let loose to pull her up on all the other "decisions" that she has made - particularly those that are strictly in the Greens' Territory.

There is no evidence of her having sought or obtained Party support for any of those policies on water and climate change that are so dear to our hearts, and which the Labour stalwarts have barely thought about before Jacinda came along and gave them a bloody good kick in the pants. 

Can you imagine the undercurrents of rancour within the ranks as each and every delegate considers where they stand and just how Jacinda's independent steak conflicts with their deep-seated feelings of democratic decision-making. I know plenty, and I just know how they will be biding their time to pull her back into line.

And that is where we as recent supporters of Green policies must keep an eye on reality. What Jacinda says may not actually represent Labour long term policy, and it is absolutely critical for the Greens to get sufficient of the Party vote to enable them to hold the Labour tootsies to the flame.

This post verges on the facetious, but I am deadly serious, and ask every reader of this blog to give the utmost consideration as to how they place their Party vote.  I have no more confidence in the fidelity of the Labour caucus than the average Joe Blow, but I do believe that even without the redoubtable Kennedy Graham, that the Greens have the ability to keep them honest - or at least more honest that the Nats together with Winston and his no-name cronies.

Think about it!




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