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Cremator, At Last!

Comisssioner Paul H Cooney has issued his determination on Catran's Cremator today, and the relevant paragraph is as follows: (sorry - I cannot yet access the full PDF decision for an URL)

32.  After weighing up all these factors I am satisfied a Certificate of Compliance can be issued for the proposed crematorium as a permitted activity that may be lawfully carried out without a resource consent on the property at  606-608 Queen Street, Thames.

That should put the kybosh on all the grizzlers, and the members of the Grahamstown Mafia who have ended up costing Adrian Catran well over $40,000 with their idiotic  and unjustified objections. Just what they thought they were going to achieve is quite beyond me, and a perfect example of 'small town politics,' based on self interest, and emotional claptrap.

It is unfortunate that there appeared at all stages to be support for their efforts from within Council. It simply should not have reached this stage, and a straight and generous businessman has had his very existence in this town put at risk through the confused and futile application of provisions of the Resource Management Act. This when it was quite clear with any rational examination of the facts that the objections were a non-issue, and it should have been approved without reference to a series of expensive commissioners, who completely contradicted one another. 

That is surely why we employ expensive planning staff - not to stuff around at the extremes of the Act in an endeavour to satisfy the ridiculous pretensions of a vocal minority.

If they wish to take it on from this point it will cost them an arm and a leg to access the Court system, and unless they think they can raise even more brass to pursue that course, I would suggest that this will probably be the end of it. I can't imagine even the most enthusiastic practitioner being willing to take this one on pro bono, and we are talking not $40,000 but multiples of same. Good luck with that!

 Adrian tells me that he should have the cremator up and running by the end of 2018, and this town and the entire Peninsula will have the advantage henceforth of locally accesible cremation. Hooray!


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