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General Election 

Readers may have noticed that since returning from Noosa I have completely ignored the general election - for all the fire and brimstone, there is not a great deal to be said when it comes down to it. If predictions about Winston's key role are true, putting up with his Cheshire cat grin over the last few days has been enough for me to ignore the nonsense. If his so-called 'bottom lines' mean anything, we are in for a rocky road over the next few months.

Bill's compalcency, an Jacinda's naivety have served to unsettle the polls, but I still don't really know what they are promising. The only thing I do know is the the Greens have stuck to their core environmental values, and they happen to be accord with mine - I completely reject the nonsense surrounding Metiria - she was simply a puff of self-regard and hubris - best forgotten, but sadly not I suspect.

Just how someone like Winston Peters can hold this country to ransom as appears likely is a sad reflection on our electoral system, but it is sure as hell better than that across the Tasman where  the lowest common denominator continues to rule the roost.

I do hope that Scott Summerfield scores sufficiently well to force his way up the Green's list - he will make an excellent candidate the next time round when he has had the opportunity to make himself better known in the District, and at that point I predict he will give the avuncular, but otherwise undistinguished Scott Simpson a real run for his money. And with that I bow out of comment on the matter.




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