T3 -Transition Town Thames 
Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at 9:45PM
Bill Barclay

T3 are sponsoring a link at The Brew (7pm Wednesday 4 October) - Mark Skelding advises:

"It is with Distinguished-Professor Lesley Hughes, of Macquarie University, via video-link from Sydney to join a discussion to help focus local thinking prior to forthcoming TCDC consultation workshops in regard coastal protection and sea-level rise strategies.

Lesley Hughes is also Pro-vice-chancellor of Research and Development, and has been a lead author on IPCC reports. Recently she has been the co-author of a report “Tracking Local Government Progress on Climate Change”, an examination of who's how local government in Australia is responding to this challenge.

T3 says that the low lying nature of many of the Coromandel Peninsula's residential areas, plus the high value of coastal property, means that the topic of climate change and sea level rise generates interest, concern and contention."

This should worth attending - and good on T3 for picking up on this. I would hope that Prof. Hughes can have some influence on the Australian Government on the link between carbon and climate change - not much recognition of this effect was evident to me on my recent visit as explained in my earlier post. But regardless, Prof. Hughes is a world recognised expert in the field, and we can surely benefit from her wisdom. 

But is not so much recognition of the problem - it is what we are going to do about it that matters form now on. Let us hope for a coalition of the three that will be ready and able to concentrate minds in this country.




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