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Farrar On The Basis For A Greens/Nats Hookup

David Farrar (Kiwiblog) has better insight into the thinking inside the National Party that any other blogger that I am aware of.

He believes that there is potential for a Greens - National hook-up, were they prepared to dig deep and really negotiate. Of course, bringing people from the Metiria Turei hard left on to their negotiating team won't help that cause. Catherine Delahunty tried to dismiss the idea today, but she is history, and hopefully James Shaw will have sufficient support to ignore her 'bleating from the bleachers.'   

Here are the ten critical concessions that would be available in his view simply in return for abststaining on supply and confidence:

$1 billion over ten years for cycleways

 A levy on nitrate pollution

 A South Taranaki Whale Sanctuary

 A levy on plastic bags

Accelerated timetable for rail to Auckland Airport

Doubling the funding for DOC

$65 million a year more for predator-free NZ

Stricter water quality standards to increase the number of water bodies rated excellent from 42% to 70%.

A commitment to double the reduction of children in poverty from 50,000 to 100,000

Double the reduction target for greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 from 11% to 22%

The Green's distaste for the Nats, and preference for dealing with NZ First would need to be put to one side. but it could work, and they would be wise to keep the possibility on the table, if only to knock the stuffing out of the complacent NZ First team whose real interest is survival. 




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