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Jacinda Cannot Dissemble Forever

There are a number of uncertainties about Labour's taxation policy that need to be cleared up before they attain the Treasury benches, and their tentative proposals are consigned to the the tender mercies of the proposed "panel" behind which Jacinda apppears determined to hide.

Her proposed front bench are no better at explaining just how this raft of proposed new taxes will operate, and effect us - the voters who will in the end determine their fate.  One which is very troubling is Twyford's suggested 'land tax.' Sorry Jacinda, it is simply not good enough to deflect questions about the effects of this new tax on the family home though the sneaky device of separating the house value from the land value - something that councils have done for years, and either included or excluded for the purposes of calculating rates. TCDC excludes the house value - a contentious policy that tends to  favour the wealthy, and disadvantage certain communities. 

That aside, to continue to avoid answering the questions of interviewers who are endeavouring to get to the bottom of what is being proposed is simply unconscionable, and raises real issues as to the integrity and believability of the interviewee - in this case Jacinda.

I have heard this technique of avoiding the question used now on several occasions, and it raises a real issue in my mind as to just how well she has come to grips with Labour's campaign. Does it mean that Robertson and Twyford are really manipulating from behind the scenes, and using Jacinda as a puppet?  If not, why does she simply not come out and state categorically that the family home, including the land it stands on, will be exempt under the proposed policy on both capital gains and land tax, if they survive to the review process. 

Let the Panel work out how that applies in the case of family homes that are also part of farms, or some other ownership arrangement - that should not be difficult.

As it stands, we keep hearing about the family home as if it was some kind of floating entity, separate from its immediate environment. It simply cannot carry on like this if we are to have clear choices going into this election. I for one am getting heartily sick of Jacinda's equivocation on the issue.




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