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Dry Court Story Just Gets Worse By The Day

It appears that the Dry Court is anything but - based on the stories circulating about the delayed opening.

As the story goes, the ceiling panels were incorrectly installed, along with the insulation paper. Moisture started appearing almost immediately, and the wet season would not not have helped, other than to convince the Council the the roof would need to be re-laid - what a job.

Just whose fault will I am sure be the subject of countless expert reports, and I doubt that the builders will be a financial position to 'wear it' in any case. The trouble is that it appears that our staff 'signed off' the construction, thus placing our Council in some jeopardy when it comes to liability.

What a shambles - I wonder just who is 'running for cover' right at this moment, and have some sympathy for Rob Williams coming into this mess long after the 'die was cast' on the construction, and contractor.

Clearly, 'heads should roll,' but they won't be if experience is anything to go by. Everyone will be covering their own and everyone else's backsides in order to minimise the 'fall-out.' But eventually, the Council will have to deal with it, and no doubt a full, but carefully written report will be being compiled as I write this.

God only knows when the opening will follow - some considerable time off I suspect, and the impact on rate-payers will be equally considerable - running into hundreds of thousands I suspect, if not more, and the collection of 'pledges' will be equally quantified by perceptions of incompetence.




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I imagine the dozens of sports groups that are wanting to book in to the new facility will be disappointed with the delay in opening.

September 11, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterRussell

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