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See Netflix Rotten Series on Codfish

This series covers the honey, chicken, dairy, garlic, peanut industries from an American standpoint. Each has a particular bias that New Zealand viewers will probably find quite ridiculous, but nevertheless interesting and well worth viewing just to understand where American producers are coming from.

But the fishing segment based on the New England cod fishing industry has a particular relevance to this country as the comparatively recent introduction of industry wide tradable quotas have seen consolidation on a wide scale just as has happened here,

The dominance of Peter Simonovitch, the Talleys, the Vela brothers, aidded and abetted by corporate Maori fishing interests is simply the model that is being adopted and implemented with the conivance of gigantic corporate interests, including Wall Street equity firms, the Koch Brothers (Trump's main backers), and Walmart, is a carbon copy of what has gone on here.

New England fishermen are suddenly finding that their small boat family interests no longer have a place in this new grand plan that is overseen by the Federal Government and the courts. The comparison used in the documentary is with Iceland, which actually followed this country into what the Americans call their Catch Share Management System.

Here is the Netflix link - take a look here if you are a Netflix subscriber:




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