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We Have Been Warned - This Time!

Gary Towler's timely warning, buried in a presser regarding sand-bags, needs to be heeded. 

This is exactly the kind of warning that should have been issued prior to the 4/5 January event when conditions appear to now be replicated by those predicted for early February - high spring tides combined with an approaching massive low associated with a tropical cyclone.

Depending on the wind direction, this could repeat the midday conditions on 5 January with substantial flooding risk to coastal areas in the lower Gulf, or if it comes in from a more easterly quarter, it could affect the Eastern Seaboard which missed the 5 January event.

Readers would be well advised to read Jamie Morton's story in today's NZH 

And take note of the the Sunday 2pm NIWA annimation.

It is great that Civil Defence are 'on to it' this time - I trust that regular updates will occur during the week ahead. Those that missed out last time should note that the damage occurred with with just inches of water seeping through doorways. lifting of any thing of value is the least that you should do, but sand-bagging is essential to protect lined areas - particularly if they have insulation.

And to counter complacency, be warned that insurance companies are already indicating refusal to renew cover, and dramaticly increasing excess's  where claims have occurred. 

It is essential that you take whatever measures that are available to you to avoid having to claim. I realise that this is a 'smart-arsed' comment, but it is realistic. 




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