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Alistair Brickell's 'Conference' in Portugal


The following correspondence is self explanatory – the first is a letter published in the Mercury Bay Informer on 10 October from well known climate and sea-level rise denier – Alistair Brickell.

The second is an Open Letter published in the proceedings of the Conference at the University of Porto that he apparently attended. This Open Letter is signed by 80 scientists obviously concerned at the involvement of the University of Porto in this promotion of pseudo-science, which our Mr Brickell attended.

The damage caused by Mr Brickell’s determination to ‘muddy the waters’ continues, with grave consequences should any of his outrageous claims be accepted by a significant section of our population.

1 - Dear Editor - Sea level rise

Having just returned from overseas, I note in The Informer of 3 October Denis Tegg is still worried about our beaches.

While in Portugal, I was lucky enough to attend an international conference entitled

“Basic Science of a Changing Climate” held at Porto University. This discussed how processes in the sun, atmosphere and ocean affect weather and climate and I can now reassure Mr Tegg that he can stop worrying about sea level rise.

The most up to date scientific research was presented and I’m sure that Mr Tegg will be particularly interested to learn that the latest GPS tracking of tectonic movements of the earth’s surface have produced exciting results. These conclusively show that it’s the global tide gauge network that accurately records the rate of sea level rise, not the satellite data which is now shown to be in error.

The global tide gauge records clearly prove that the sea level is only rising at a rate of1.1 - 1.4mm a year... hardly anything to get alarmed about. This rate has not changed atall from the start of these records over 100 years ago, despite much increased CO2 levelsin the atmosphere since World War II. The satellite data is of much shorter duration andhas been corrupted by incorrect adjustment for tectonic changes in the surface of the land.

This research  clearly shows that CO2 is having no discernible effect on the sea level. Coastal landowners, Thames-Coromandel District Council, Waikato Regional Council and, I’m very sure, Mr Tegg will be relieved to learn that they have nothing to fear from sea level rise.

Alastair Brickell


2 - Open Letter to the Rector of the University of Porto
(translated by Google translator, so please be tolerant of some of the phrasing)

"The University of Porto must scrutinize the events it organizes and promote knowledge based on in Science.

As announced on the website of the University of Porto and reported in the press, September 7 and 8 at the Faculty of Arts of entitled "Basic science of a changing climate: how processes in the sun, atmosphere and ocean affect weather and climate".

Under the cover of this interesting title that suggests a scientific field recognized, this conference is ultimately organized by a well-known climate change, the so-called "Independent Committee on Geoethics", and will gather Denialists from various countries, and is presided over by Maria Assunção Araújo, of that faculty.

In her own words for the press Maria Assunção Araújo is explicit: "I do not care to listen to people that considers that the only cause of climate change is CO2."

The term 'climate change' now has different meanings. While not ignoring large temporal scale it has its own meanings, it is not possible today to deny the consensus the scientific community that the current climate change to watch, are caused by actions with human origin. It is a scientific consensus that areas of expertise, and encompasses scientists from all continents.

There is a unambiguous of the planet, not just simulated or predicted but measured. The emission of gases with greenhouse effect, the most relevant of which is carbon dioxide, is main reason for this warming and comes mainly from the use of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas), but also from other sources such as deforestation and agriculture. This assertion was made clear in the last IPCC report (Panel Intergovernmental Organization for Climate Change).

Being a public university and one of the largest producers of Science in Portugal, the University of Porto is required to scrutinize the events it hosts. This institution, for the responsibility to disseminate informed knowledge, should not lend the name and give credibility to the denial of Science and Knowledge, but rather to promote knowledge climate change, following good international scientific practice."

That appears to put the scientific relevance of Mr Brickell's 'Conference' run by the Arts Faculty of the University of Porto, in context!




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