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Jack McLean Community Recreation Centre

Council meets tomorrow tro adopt the draft Annual Report, amongst other things.

I have not examined the Report in detail, but one item that stands out relates to the financing of the Jack McLean Centre, that was contentious from the outset - more-so when it building defects were discovered that required expensive repairs. It has been difficult to determine the full extent of the financial effects of these repairs, and the shortfall in the 'pledges' that were made at the time, and which formed a major part of the basis on the decision to proceed was made.

Readers will be well aware of the scepticism that I expressed at the time, and so it has come to pass that by far the majority of these 'pledges' have failed to materialise.

Here is the Note from the Annual Report that explains the whole sage:

"The Jack McLean Community Recreation Centre (the centre) project is a partnership with the Ministry of Education and the Thames High School with the facility located on the school grounds.

The new building is a two court facility and includes a foyer, administration, changing rooms, multi-purpose room, spectator seating and storage spaces. External works included roading, car parking, site services, paving and landscaping. The centre was officially opened in February 2018.

The total project budget was $5.7 million (including roof repairs detailed below). This budget included an estimated $1.5 million in external funding made up of contributions from the school ($440,000) community fundraising ($332,000 of which $122,484 has been received) and public grants ($725,000). As at 30 June 2018, $5.7 million has been spent.

Prior to opening the facility, it was found that the building itself had suffered from moisture damage. Specifically, the design of the building made insufficient provision for ventilation. As a result, condensation built-up on the underside of the roof structure, made its way through the building paper and insulation in the roof cavity, and dripped onto the playing surface. The moisture damaged approximately 200 ceiling tiles and the roof itself required a redesign in order to rectify the problem. The total roof remediation works cost approximately $620,000. Council is currently persuing the matter via the professional services contract with the designer.

The contractor is also claiming an additional $177,000 for works relating to an extension of time and additional physical works.

Until both matters are settled, Council is unable to measure the liability with sufficient reliability. Therefore, both claims have been noted as contingent liabilities."



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