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Denis Tegg's Legal Opinion on Resource Consent 

It is interesting to note that the legal opinion written by Denis failed to make it onto today's Council agenda.

Here is the story he wrote about it on his website (an impressive new iteration if you have not already seen it - I will have to sharpen up!) You can access the actual opinion through that post. It seems clear, and leaves little room for argument.

What is important is that it is one issue about which our Council appears to have a 'blind eye,' and although we may all become a little tired of Denis going on about it at times, the facts are generally irrefutable, the outlook bleak, and our Council's reaction resembles that of Canute.

It is not going to go away. The likelihood of a Resource Consent being approved for the pool is remote, the fact that Richmond village continues to advertise its apartments borders on fraud, and our ability to do much other than 'retreat' in the face of the certainty of future inundation, moot.

I am not going to repeat Denis's arguments here - follow through at your leisure, but at least we cannot say that we have not been warned. It is up to our Council now to take action , belated or otherwise. Other coastal councils south of here have set the standard in that regard, and we are 'late to the party.'




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