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DoC Digs In Behind Its Long-Planned Fortress 

Anyone in any doubt as to the seriousness of DoC's determination to protect it staff against potential attacks from the 'Hard-Core' Anti-1080 Brigade only needs to divert off the Thames-Kopu Highway just south of the Garden centre to see the latest iteration of what constitutes a regional office.

The surrounding 2 metre heavy steel fence topped with sharp profiles, and with a single heavy rolling high security gate that surrounds their new Regional Office would I suggest stop a determined mob, regardless of their weapons. The fence encloses all its assets including vehicles. This level of security has been long signaled in response to the past behaviour of certain protesters that has left the department little choice but to build the equivalent of a North-West Frontier blockhouse, and who can blame them.

But it is a sad reflection on the ability of the protesters to retain any sense of propriety in making their feelings and passions clear to DoC staff who are simply implementing Government policy. I suspect that we will be seeing similar protection erected at all DoC offices around the country as existing leases run out, and they move into new premises - at God knows what cost. A sad day indeed, but inevitable in the light of recent events.

Why this self-righteous group, imbued with such passion that enables them to feel empowered to conduct violent protest almost beggars belief, and leaves one wondering whether there is some other underlying cause that has not been satisfactorily explained - the protection of pig-hunters' dogs, and their quarry  comes to mind. Unfortunately the Peninsula appears to have more than its fair share of these people, quite separate from the majority of sincere opponents who simply wish to express their opposition to 1080.

Hence the need for DoC to protect its staff, and its property.





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