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Sanford Profits Down Due to Climate Change

The following article by Owen Evans from 15 November SalmonBusiness is instrucrtive, and quite disturbing at the same time.

Take a look at the temperature chart - just what it is showing is a little opaque, but certainlty it does seem to indicate a substantial 'above average' range ver the entire Tasman during the period being referred by the Sanford CEO in his Annual Report.

He is the relevant extract that is probably replicated to a major degree at King Salmon in Marlborough Sounds:

"New Zealand sweated through its hottest summer on record. The nationwide average temperature for the 2017-18 summer was 18.8 degrees Celsius, 0.3C above the previous 1934-35 record of 18.5C, and a significant 2.1C above the 1981-2010 averages.

Sanford Chief Executive, Volker Kuntzsch, said that company will be providing “strategic safeguards” in mitigating the risk posed by climate change.

The farmers – who also have commercial fishing and mussel farming operations – are actively safeguarding future farms with an investment in oxygenation systems, net cleaning tech, cage configuration and lower stock density."



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