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Council Meeting 11 December

Apart from an impassioned appeal from a large group of concerned rate-payers in Public Forum for Council to begin to take climate change seriously, and sign up to the same declaration on the subject as almost all other councils and mayors, the only matters of interest concerned to Earthquake Buildings Consultation, and the proposed Productivity Plan.

The first was interesting if only because of obvious lack of understanding of the content of the paper presented by Policy Planner Ashleigh Howard on the first of the steps to be taken to implement Government policy. After some seriously dumb questions. the policy was adopted and Council staff will now set about assessing which buildings require engineering reports.

The second on the Productivity Plan was the subject of zero discussion, and yet another plan prepared by outside consultants was adopted without further ado. You may have thought in the light of my analysis in the post below that it was worthy of substantial discussion, but no such luck. Apparently it had been "thoroughly work-shopped" some time ago, so no need for any acrimonious public debate.

The level of publicly excluded discussion in this Council is becoming totally unacceptable - it has always been a favourite ruse of this Council to operate in this manner, but it is time that our elected members began to realise that they do have a responsibility to rate-payers to let then know what is going on, and to open debate to the fresh air of 'open' meetings. After all - I am normally the only observer- what could possibly concern them?

In this case, they have adopted a dubious policy based on the suspect findings of a faraway bunch of consultants who have spotted their 'main chance' as being to churn out $50,000 'glossy' pro formas in order to enable councils to take take advantage of Mr Jones's billion dollar slush-fund..

As CEO Rob Williams stated today:

"This would have been a five year 'in-house' development program, now squeezed into a few months in order to take advantage of the availability of this RDF."

That really says it all - how on earth did we get sucked into this disgraceful, discreditable scramble?




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I agree with your comments about Eloise Gibson. In case you missed it here are her December 2017 series of stories about TCDC’s failure to properly consider sea level rise/coastal hazards issues

Overview on Thames Coromandel Coastal Hazard Issues
Richmond Villas Apartments Thames
Whitianga Waterways
Cooks Beach Subdivision

December 14, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterDenis Tegg

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