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Have a Happy Christmas and Wonderful New Year

THis blog has been relatively quiet this year - I have reached the stage where I only take on issues which I think are important, and my meagre intervention may possibly make a difference.

I will make just a couple of predictions about our Council for the next year with elections coming up:

First, I think that Tony Breljevich will toss in his hat against Sandra Goudie, and that is a good thing! My only reservation about Tony is his visceral opposition to fluoridation of the Thames water supply - thet won't win him many votes, but he should be held to the grinder to extract an underaking that he  keep his hands out of our affairs in this regard.

Tony has been champing at the bit for some time now, and i think he has spotted his best chance now that Sandra has shown her extremely weak stance on climate change and sea-level rise. Sandra has always been a sceptic, and has shown extremely bad leadership in this area with a compliant Council willing to follow along in her wake.

Tony is by no means exemplary in this area - he and others should have stood up to Sandra in a far more consistent manner, but he has shown that he is firmly in the opposite camp to Sandra. I feel that he would take measures to ensure that our Council was in the vanguard with others in standing up to an equally weak central Government that appears terrified of the fiscal consequences of providing a  financial 'back-stop' to councils that are simply not capable of protecting, compensating, and in the end, sponsoring 'withdrawal.'

Thames-Coromandel has demonstrated a lackadaisical, belated and inadequate response to date. and remarkably, and despite claims to the contrary, has only reacted in the main to the constant badgering by lawyer Denis Tegg, who has by far the best understanding of what lies ahead, tedious or otherwise. 

Sandra's barely concealed contempt for Denis, and refusal to accept some of the basic concepts that he has repeatedly explained to Council in Public Forum will forever mark her Council. no matter how successful it has been in other areas of its mandate.

Sandra appears substantially confident that by keeping dissent under cover, (have you heard that before?),and ensuring by way of the maintenance of a well-oiled public relations machine, that she will waltz back into office without any difficulty. So if Tony is to challenge her, he will need to to get his A into G , and get a move on. I say that because his public profile is just about zero at this end of the District.

In other words, he should announce his candidature as soon as possible, and begin working to make himself better known all around the District. There are a huge number of voters who feel patronised by Sandra, and who are simply waiting for another qualified and viable candidate to whom they can attach their loyalty. It would advantage him to be first into the ring!

God forbid that Sandra simply 'sleep-walks' her way through the process through attending every possible opening and event.

My second prediction is that Murray McLean and Jan Bartley will pack up their kit-bags and disappear into the sunset. They have both done enough for their respective wards, and it is time for some new blood to come through - they surely must understand that.

There are others who have done little to justify their seats at the table, but most appear too enamoured with the role they play to consider retirement. It is remarkable how 'baby-boomers' (and older- the so called 'silent generation'!) consider they and they alone have the capability of running the show.  Our Council is mainly comprised of same - tired, but entitled old 'time-servers' - sad, really!

Those are my predictions for 2019. Have a good one!




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