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Climate Change

The risible claims made by Alastair Brickell in last week's HH ('Converstaions') invite an immediate and damming response, but what is the point - he is clearly beyond delusional on the subject, and unworthy of any response likely to increase exposure for his predictable and derisive attempts to discredit Denis Tegg'scommendable efforts to bring some common sense to the deliberations of our Council on the matter. 

His suggestion that what happened on the Gulf coast on 5 January was somehow simply an aberration of the natural meteorological cycle, totally unrelated to sea-level rise must be rejected in the face of the evidence that has accumulated over the last ten to twenty years. Unfortunately, there are many who for one reason or another - mostly I suspect related to their own particular risk profile, prefer to agree with Brickell and his ilk.

I suspect that there are several in this category on our current Council, and hence the reluctance to adopt the 1.88m guideline suggested in the Report suppressed by the previous Government, but which was nevertheless well known to all and sundry, including our Council long before it was promulgated by the present Government. 

Our Council could well have adopted this recommendation without waiting. The dilly-dallying will be to the ultimate disadvantage of every rate-payer as the consequences of sea-level rise and climate change  become clear to all, and insurance companies introduce changes that will demand decisions on just where liability lies, and how it is to be funded. 

It should never have approved the resource consents for Whitiange Waterways, Cook's Beach and Richmond Village referred to in an earlier post - a thoroughly cynical attempt to get them through before the new rule came into play - this will be to its eternal shame, just like Smith, and rightly or wrongly, smells of 'collusion' - not a good look for what is supposed to be a responsible Council.  

Anyone with any doubt about the insurance effects should listen to the Wallace Chapman interview this morning with Catherine Iorns from Victoria University Faculty of Laws. 




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