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TCDC Holds "Special Meeting" At Whitianga 

All it takes is for a small advertisement in the HH for TCDC to call a "Special Meeting" off its announced annual programme of meetings. I have no idea when this happened on this occasion, but have no doubt it was at some stage early in January that the 'Workshop' in their published programme was morphed into a 'Meeting.'

This gives it the opportunity to move the meeting to another centre, and deal with important business that it seems to feel the public has little or no need to hear about. I say this because no pressers were issued before or after this meeting relating to any of the important matters placed on the agenda for 31 January.  

This is surprising because here is a list of the items dealt with that I intend to analyse over the next week before the programmed meeting on 20 February. You may judge for yourself the importance of the  matters on the 31 January agenda right here ie:

      1.  An attempt to distance itself from 1080 pest control,

2.  Its Parliamentary Governance Committee submission on on the Mangrove Management Bill,

3.  Adoption of Maori contribution to Council decision making policy,

4.  Adoption of Rates Postponement Policy, and Remission of Rates on Maori Freehold Land,

5.  Revision of climate change assumptions for 2018/2028 LTP (the 1.88m rise recommendation previously ignored),

6.  Overview of 1877 Ngati Maru Roading Rate Agreement,

7.  Investment and Liability Management Policy. 

These matters require significant decisions - far greater than those considered at earlier meetings. You will get my drift when I suggest that calling a "special meeting" for the purpose, and moving that meeting out of Thames appears on first examination to be a deliberate attempt to keep these matters, and the outcomes from public gaze, and therefore 'secret' - this is reinforced by the absence of pressers, though outcomes should be disclosed in the minutes on next week's agenda. At least they eschewed 'Public Excluded' where items of importance have often been consigned in the past.

As indicated, I intend to analyse each of the papers that formed the basis of these discussions during the coming week. Most emanated from Policy and Planning Manager - Scott Summerfield, whose integrity on the 'Public Excluded" issue I totally rerspect.




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